My work explores the individuals yearning to make connections with others and with place.  I make work with a focus on the performative; often involving dressing-up, my work is playful, embracing a joyful clown-like energy, yet with a dark element to the humour.  I create characters in order to explore intense energies, conflicts and yearnings.  My practice explores the energies created by people; energies within around and between us; the moving, evolving energies of spaces and moments of interaction.  My work is informed by many years working in care environments, spaces of intense, conflicting emotions and energies – where feelings of love, care, nurture, intimacy, fear, aggression, sadness and confusion create swirling energies that can snap and change in a moment.  These are intense environments and situations, at the frontline of interaction; to work in care is to get alongside people through terrible, unimaginable times, experiences and emotions.  To provide care is also to experience intense moments of emotional and physical intimacy with strangers.

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